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I live just outside Glasgow, Scotland with my  husband of seventeen years and

our, sometimes delightful,  five children. My busy days include helping my

husband manage the family business, while the kids take up the majority of the

time, schools runs, parties and all the various sports clubs they attend. I find

escape from the chaos of everyday life in good books, particularly stories of

passionate romantic relationships.  Lets face it we all dream of the happily ever



For as far back as I can remember , I have devoted y time to family and business

and for that I wouldn't change a thing. But over the past few years I started

thinking about what I wanted to do for myself. I had a niggling feeling to write, but

pushed it to the back of my mind. Several months later and it was still there along

with the names Elizabeth and Alexander. So I thought why not give it a go.


Never in a million years when I started writing He’s Captured My Heart, a tale of

contemporary erotic romance set in Scotland, did I think I would actually finish it,

never mind do anything with it.


Publishing He's Captured My Heart has to be one of the most scariest things I have ever done and at the same time one of the most exciting. So I do hope you enjoy!



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