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'I really enjoyed this book. The author has outstanding writing skills, you can

really connect with the characters and feel their emotions as they

experience them. It's full of emotional turmoil, happiness and confusion.

What will Libby do? You'll have to read this wonderful story and find out. I

look forward to reading more from this author. I would recommend this to

all romance lovers.'

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'He's Captured My Heart by Karen Frances is the first book of the new

Captured Series. Told in the female lead's POV and ending as a to be



Elizabeth Stewart is all work and no play. Recently moving on from a break

up and healing from a family tragedy, Libby has decided it is time for a

change. Selling her house and moving into her family's hotel that she will be

managing are her first steps. The next step Libby did not see coming in the form

of a tall, dark, and handsome American businessman.


Alexander Mathews is an American businessman visiting Scotland for business.

He is broody and moody, possessive and aggressive. Alex gets what he wants,

when he wants, when he says he wants it. In addition, he wants Libby.


Together Libby and Alex face many obstacles due to limited time and poor

communication and suffer together through Libby's tragic event. However,

their connection and chemistry is so hot, can that make up for it all? Can they

find a balance, make a relationship work even though they live in different countries? Alternatively, will their limited time and circumstances pull them apart?


Such an emotional roller coaster of heartbreak and tragedy, love and passion, discovery and growth, sorrow and despair. From the first few pages, I was heartbroken. What Ethan, Libby's brother, had to suffer is unimaginable and hurt my heart! Then in turn, Libby and her family suffered as well, trying to help Ethan through the unimaginable with his baby girl. However, to read about their growths was inspiring.


Then came the passion, chemistry, love and instant attraction for Libby and Alex that lit my kindle up and melted me on the spot. Whew, their connection was palpable. Moreover, each time they took one-step forward then two steps back I wanted to shake them both. They are a match made in heaven, but something is always holding them both back. I am definitely in their corner, cheering them on. They need a HEA!


The tragedy that strikes Libby is frightening and was hard to read, I broke. However, how she rallied with the love around her warmed my heart and soul. I was just shocked to the core, never seeing that coming. However, it added so much depth to the book.


Through each scene, each chapter, each page I felt everything. He's Captured My Heart is beautifully written. Karen Frances brought forth so much emotion with her words. It had everything to make you laugh and cry and melt and break.'

- Written by Alycia for Summer’s Book Blog.




'Oh my goodness! This novel is so amazing that it took my breath away! I expected it to be good, great even! But He’s Captured my Heart is one of best written and best developed stories I’ve read in a while!! The story is mesmerizing, while the characters are simply, without a doubt captivating!


And to top it all? Alex and Libby are not exactly adorable..How could we call them? Perfect match? Other halves? Can’t imagine to have them apart?..Well, something like that..


Alex is a complicated man, to say at the least. He is, of course, decisive. He’s a man who knows what he wants. The way he pursued Libby from the very beginning was *this is me swooning at the moment* was sexy and romantic and a turn-on and perfect. Just perfect.


Libby is so much to fun!! I loved reading about her reactions and her lines!! She’s such a great character!! She’s smart, caring, loving, sexy - she’s the real deal! I think this will not be a very long review, but you don’t really need it. He’s Captured My Heart will capture your heart and mind! It was amazing!! I loved every page of it and every character!!! There was nothing I didn’t like, but everything that I loved!! He’s Captured My Heart receives 5 Amazing Stars, for it is captivating!'

- Mia, Amazon.com